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Zoning and Land Use Law in New Jersey

Living in Southern New Jersey, we’re blessed to have beach and bay views within driving or walking distance. With this comes a high-demand for homes along the water, meaning ongoing development of homes and condominiums. Properties along the water do require a few more permits and approvals before building and we’re here to help. Some of our focus areas include: waterfront development, construction, zoning and planning and titles.

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When it comes time to build a home, buy or sell a home, or just learn more about what is required to start the building process in some of these protected coastal areas, we’re here for you. Our legal insight and experience allow us to best assist you with any of your real estate law needs.

Zoning and Planning Applications

Our land use attorneys work with local developers and businesses on their building projects from start to finish helping resolve issues along the way, all the way to completion. We know and understand the zone ordinances for our specific municipality. With any type of building project, whether it be residential, commercial or an addition on your existing home, you may be required to apply for a variance with the Municipal Planning Board or Zoning Board in order to proceed. If you are getting ready to begin the building process, or apply for a variance regarding construction that may not conform to the law outlined for our municipality, contact our real estate attorneys today. We can help you with everything from applying for the variance to aiding in land dispute issues.


In construction, it is very important to have a legally binding contract before the process begins. From start to finish of the construction process, we work with contractors, developers, subcontractors and more. Beginning with a well-drafted contract is key to keeping the job profitable and holding all parties accountable for what is disclosed in the contract.


Understand building code and registering for the correct building permits is important when building multi-residence condominiums. We assist builders with everything from permits to land use to contracts for these types of jobs.

CAFRA and Waterfront Development

The Coastal Area Facilities Review Act deals with land use regulations in New Jersey from beach to bay. If you are going to build a waterfront property, you will be required to receive proper permits and documentation, as well as, follow the special conditions that are required. We will work with you to review your CAFRA application and help you to understand what you need to do and make sure you’re in compliance.


If you are purchasing or selling a home, the real estate attorneys at Garrett & Batastini can work with you to review all documents involved in the sale. From deeds to affidavits to titles. Our lawyers review and oversee bid negotiations, inspections and more.


As you may know, Southern New Jersey is home to the first National Reserve in the U.S. known to us as the Pinelands, but formally known as the pinelands National Reserve. According to It is the largest body of open space on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard between Richmond and Boston, and it is underlain by aquifers containing an estimated 17 trillion gallons of pure water. In the late 70s, the Pinelands Protection Act was created to protect this area. In this legislation, there are permits required to get approval for work in the Pinelands. If you need legal assistance in this area, we’re South Jersey natives and here for you.

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